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Gama Aviation launched its software division and wholly owned subsidiary, myairops. The first products were launched at EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland, at the end of May and include products for airports and airfields, and crew.

myairops is an aviation software company based at Farnborough airport, the heart of premium aviation. In a world of big data & the need for real-time information and action, myairops ‘tames complexity’. myairops takes the complexity of the continual airworthiness, commercial, operational environment of business aviation and smooths it into a logical workflow that reduces revenue leakage without compromise to safety allowing users and businesses to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere; based on real time data.

The brandmark that we have designed is one of the most valuable brand assets. We based it on the idea of flow and movement. The forward motion into a single direction or source creates a marque that also symbolises a number of processes – which are represented by a number of dots. These dots also create the shape of an aircraft. These elements create the overarching brand ‘myairops’ which allow seamlessness and ease of use, to monitor and manage air operations in one place in real time. The launch of myairops is a true testimony to Game Aviation’s principle of offering intelligent aviation across the globe.

Gary O’kelly, Creative Director of Brash comments: “myairops understood the need to have a brand that identified with customers quickly. Servicing and managing aircraft is a difficult process with many moving parts. The brand that we created aims to visualize seamlessness, to ensure that the brand cuts through complexity and delivers an easy to use service, with a brand look and feel that reflects this.”