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We have just launched ultra-luxury destination brand ‘Amaala’ and the ‘Red Sea Collection’, the label brand for premium destinations and experiences at the Monaco Yacht Show. Private Investment Firm, the main investment arm of KSA, asked us to put a unique destination on the jet-setter map, offering ultra-luxury experiences that focus on integrated wellness, healthy living and meditation. Located at the striking and untouched nature reserve at the north eastern side of the Red Sea, the Red Sea Collection combines unmatched luxury with superlative levels of service, all set in total harmony with pristine coral reefs, vibrant marine life and captivating mountain landscape. Inspired by the nurturing, feeding and protecting characteristics of the coral reef, we positioned the label brand as a powerful symbol of vitality, expressed currently through an exhibition booth and online portal as part of the desired customer journey.

Amaala, Red Sea Collection’s mega wellness retreat and ultra-luxury destination will be a true proof-point, designed to awaken the world’s imagination. In life’s pursuit of success and happiness, our journey often leads to unexpected places and surprising discoveries; our quest for treasure often yields something far more valuable: the discovery of self with greater clarity about life’s true meaning. Amaala is set to offer transformative personal journeys through exceptional art, integrated wellness, healthy living, and meditation in a captivating natural setting.

The name that Brash created for the brand stands for purity, radiance and hope – communicative of the destination’s ability to rejuvenate the body and illuminate the soul, promising a radiance that is captivating and ever-lasting. John Brash, Chief Executive & Founder of Brash; “It’s an honour to work on a prestigious project of this scale and so significant for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Our brand will deliver an ultra-luxury experience but with a conscious and deep respect for its local natural, cultural and ecological attributes”.