Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, UX…

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A new e-service to ignite transformation into a mature economy


We understood that this service would act as the cornerstone of KSA’s development into a mature economy, and high levels of uptake would be crucial for the country’s future.

Understanding the stages of the experience (information, interaction, transaction, integration, participation) informed the role and scope of the brand, enabling us to not only connect but also accurately reflect Absher’s future forward strategy.


To provoke trial and maintain high usage, the experience had to be highly intuitive and engaging. Hence, our efforts had been entirely focused on an optimal hassle-free user experience that would facilitate participation and generate quality content.


Since it's launch, Absher has empowered users to not only use the Government’s eServices but to also participate in the ongoing dialogue, becoming active citizens of an effective e-Government without compromising on the importance of security and privacy.