Our challenge here was to inspire people to care for their ecosystem and contribute towards a better future, so to create opportunities for sustainable growth. Brash had to position Averda as a leading caretaker of the ecosystem, finding a way to educate its audience to understand the importance of their contribution.


The team conducted research into the brand DNA, identifying opportunities to expand Averda’s core business from waste management to wastewater management, power management, logistics, transportation and other services that comprise the infrastructure of ecosystems.

Brash saw an opportunity to encourage, celebrate and reward business initiatives that increased ‘share of pocket’ and develop a client’s or customer’s lifetime value to the company.


Based on performance, Brash was able to build a brand around this, reflecting and celebrating examples of tangible contributions to the ecosystem.

The ideas were to evolve the business processes and be more visible and integrated into society, encouraging, celebrating and rewarding innovative solutions, enhancing the ecosystem and inspiring employees and society. Flexibility and responsiveness were key, as the brand contributes to optimal customer satisfaction.


As a result of our brand, Averda’s role has shifted to ecosystem ‘mentorship’ within the organization & the society.

It’s an ongoing dialogue where managers and leaders expose their approach to their challenges in a social and environmental context, fostering confidence and leadership within the organization, across business units, divisions and geographical locations. To date, it has unleashed unconventional thinking and a ‘what if’ mentality amongst employees at all levels, directly leading to product innovation and indeed, a better functioning ecosystem.