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Conversations conserved for future generations to come


Brash consulted with the BBC and award winning architects JaK Studio to develop a captivating experience.

Participants in the Listening Project are invited to talk about some of the most intimate aspects of their lives, so it is essential that the environment helps them feel comfortable and open. A booth was identified as the most effective format to warrant some privacy and mobility, stimulating a conversation whilst attracting a bigger crowd.


We nurtured the booth through an accessible and friendly look and feel, and humorous, conversational communications. Recognising the need to help participants relax and feel at ease, the interior of the booth features speech bubbles with conversational openers, as if the booth itself is interviewing them.


The booth was unveiled at a ceremony at BBC New Broadcasting House in Central London and started to tour in the UK in 2015. Upon its launch, it lead to new listener highs for BBC Radio 4.