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One dnata to unite a leading but divided business of air and travel services


To clarify purpose and optimize buy-in, Brash reviewed the business’ vision and mission, inside out. Virtually all people and goods that enter and exit the UAE come by air, and every single one of these journeys are made possible by dnata's employees.

It’s a unique role that instills a great sense of pride, purpose and responsibility. dnata needed to communicate this to their employees. The brand wasn’t supporting the ambitious vision of its leaders.


Appealing to this unique sentiment, we positioned dnata as the ‘Air People’ who make it all happen. Brash provided a hierarchy that aligned cultures and clarified the role of those involved, supported by a far reaching employee engagement programme themed: ‘One dnata’ – achieving overwhelmingly positive feedback, internally and externally.


While maintaining a sense of evolution and progression, we modernised the logo, giving it flexibility and a fresh twist. We also developed a new tone of voice that applied to corporate airline services as well as the travel agency business.

Finally, new uniforms were designed which complemented their new visual identity. Employees had been itching for a new look and now they wear them with pride.

Seven years on, dnata have been awarded several Global Awards and Accreditations. Also, there has been a massive increase in employee productivity and global brand reputation. We’re also proud to be working with them continuously on a retainer basis, acting as brand guardians; overseeing and steering brand development.