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Dubai, UAE

The most valuable Sq km on the planet


Envisioned to be Dubai’s new city centre, it was clear this should be a destination brand like no other; not a walled destination but a dynamic and iconic experience brand.

Designed as the ultimate space for Live-Work-Play, it would have to express the essence of downtown living; a cosmopolitan, savoir-faire and fully immersive experience. The brand’s role would be to evolve into a descriptor and locator for the new centre of Dubai.


Downtown Dubai is about the sum of its parts, making up a total experience, with a distinct sense of place and purpose.

Brash helped shape and define the greater destination, developing the Brand Architecture system for neighbourhoods and districts, right down to street naming and numbering. Most importantly, Brash developed the Brand Strategy and Creative Concept for its key component brands such as The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Armani residences, Souk Al Bahar, The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo, Dubai Ice rink and the new hospitality brand; The Address. It was essential to ensure all these components aligned with the vision behind the overall Downtown Dubai brand, whilst creating unique personalities for each component brand. A monolithic brand system, in terms of visual assets, ensured that the components worked together to deliver the overall Downtown Dubai experience.


The success is measurable by a number of factors. The brand has enabled Downtown Dubai to evolve into a global iconic destination - the first and greatest proofpoint of Dubai’s vision and spirit.

It has recorded an annual footfall of over 80 million visitors, higher than Times Square New York, Niagara falls, Disney World Orlando or the Eiffel Tower. But beyond being an iconic tourist destination for visitors and residents, its value creation for the site has acted as a blueprint for other downtown’s; adding a premium value to its 30,000 appartment’s on site, attracting the best partners, anchors & experiences - thus creating both Shareholder Value and Private Buyers value on a scale never seen in the region before.