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Dubai, UAE

A brand to signal Innovation, Connection and Protection


Dubai is focused on growth through happiness as HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum believes that happy people are able to contribute more to the economy and to the cultural growth of the nation.

With the Dubai Plan 2021 and the UAE Vision 2071 in mind, we identified a clear role that the Dubai Police could play. They alone can deliver happiness across all the pillars of Vision 2071. By contributing to the happiness of the population, the Dubai Police can positively impact the populace and the reputation of its government, protecting and empowering its community to find joy in the everyday.


Defining Innovation, Protection and Connection as driving values for the brand to enable development of Dubai’s happy, tolerant and safe society - we recognised that it’s not technology but human interaction that defines how the Dubai Police contributes to Dubai’s vision.


We evolved the brand’s expression, preserving its unique and ownable colour system but modernised it to signal change and readiness for a future generation.

The new brand, which was received extremely positively by the residents of Dubai, reflects the values of innovation, connection and protection - promoting a happy, safe society. These values are being embodied as part of the Dubai Police culture and delivered across all touch points. Since launch, popularity of the Dubai Police Department increased significantly which was measured through social media coverage.