Dubai, UAE

Using pioneering branding to position Dubai as a world-class city


Owning the narrative

Through creating the brand for the Burj Khalifa, Emaar became our first-ever client. It was a meeting of entrepreneurial minds that started in 2006.
Once the Burj was built and the brand launched, Emaar needed a long-term partner who could ensure they continued to ‘own’ the story of developing Dubai.


Creating greater value

Over the following years, we intensively collaborated on Emaar’s master brand strategy and product portfolio, creating brands for all their top-tier products.
Armed with a thorough appreciation of the vision and culture of the business, and with the Chairman’s personal support, Brash was licensed to create iconic brands – 
all with a shared purpose and greater context. Into each brand, we layered associations that – together – meant they generated greater value than the sum of their parts.
Our ability to consistently deliver quality enabled Brash 
to become Emaar’s trusted brand advisors on all critical projects – from Burj Khalifa to Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall and The Address (Emaar’s homegrown hotel brand).


True Growth

The fruit of our collaboration was true growth, not just 
for Emaar and Brash, but for the city of Dubai: its vision, and the region as a whole.