Brand Strategy, Employee Engagement, Brand Identity…


Redefining the vision and purpose of the global business aviation company


With our challenge identified, we embarked on an intensive journey with the Gama Aviation team, employees and clients to elicit new ‘truths’ about the business' purpose and value.

To develop its first ever vision, mission and values (VMV), we based it around a core idea of ‘Intelligent Aviation’ whilst ensuring optimal buy-in at all levels for successful activation of the brand programme. From shareholders to air charter clients to Government procurement departments, Gama Aviation will fight people’s heads and hearts to earn their trust.


We used shared principles as the basis of a branding programme to reset internal and external expectations, clarifying exactly what Gama Aviation has to offer.

As a result, Gama Aviation understood that ‘Intelligent aviation’ comes from understanding people, focusing on ‘trivial’ detail, creating positive impressions, determining and resolving problems before they happen and by looking beyond the obvious. When achieving this, Gama Aviation will deliver against its purpose and surpass customer and employees’ expectations.


We created a new vision and engagement programme for the global aviation services company, bolstering customer confidence and sales volume. Galvanised behind the idea of ‘Intelligent aviation’, we’ve brought clarity and alignment around its purpose and injected a new energy into the business.