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Kerala, India

A new metro network to ignite connectivity, collaboration and prosperity


Through research of comparable benchmarks from around the world, we realised that the nature of the project as a connecting entity, was the key driving force.

From desk research, stakeholder interviews and advertising reviews, to an in-depth study of Kochi Metro’s future commuters, we determined that this project was emblematic of Kochi’s ambitions for the future – it embodied the city’s hopes and dreams.


We knew that any brand would have to make Kochinites proud – moving the people and their beautiful city into the future. Therefore, we utilised a similar language to create our tone.

Our concept ‘Connect to Prosper’ embodies the basic function of public transport, whilst harnessing a language of success. The brand expression conveys optimism, positioning the metro as a vehicle to ‘accomplishment’. Coupled with an impassioned commitment to delivering prosperity, whilst pledging to remain transparent and dedicated to the people, we were enabled to cultivate a strong, optimistic and authentic brand for the Kochi Metro.


For the first time in India, all of the diverse aspects of Kochi are seamlessly connected within a single network – Kochi Metro.

Beyond just transportation and commuting, the metro opens up a new way of life that brings opportunity. With its innovative design, it presents an integrated transportation method to every commuter. On the opening day, 62,320 passengers used the metro.