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Mumbai, India

A premium residential destination offering a unique perspective


Being the flagship project for Piramal Realty, it was imperative that Piramal Aranya presented and amplified the greater ambition and vision. Our challenge was to create an opportunity in a saturated market in South Mumbai, India.

We considered Piramal Aranya’s incredible location and potential. Taking inspiration from the name Aranya - which means forest - and the heritage of the location’s cosmopolitan spirit as it is set overlooking the botanical gardens, we created an organic and natural brand to drive the experience. The brand demonstrates that in the ultra-premium property market class, style and substance can outshine pomp, flash and ostentation.


We carefully considered spaces that provide a perfect perspective on life, making the discerning residents one with the world that surrounds them - a celebration of life, family and accomplishment.

Inspired by the heritage of Byculla and the cosmopolitan living, a motif was created as part of the visual language which is used throughout the look & feel. It is luxurious and fluid, with a multi-purpose usability, such as typographically, as a pattern and embellishment.


The launch of the brand and its ‘state of the art’ immersion suite has been phenomenally successful which has significantly boosted interest and admiration for both the destination brand and its owners; Piramal Realty.