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London, UK

Ricky Walters' pioneering hair & beauty Salon in Soho


From research we learnt that our target audience is continuously seeking memorable experiences with services that can be morphed for individual needs.

At the same time, we realised that conversation is a trade that hairdressers generally master well, naturally evoking bespoke experiences. As the ‘art of conversation’ is best performed when people meet, we felt that the retail space had to be purposefully designed to entertain and socialise.


With the location being Soho, there was an opportunity to nod to the history of the area - an established entertainment and fashion district - once known as the French Quarter.

Brash went back to the Salon's origins in 18th century France; an elegant space for enlightened debate, developing an intelligent and empowering positioning perfectly pitched for 21st century modern London. It’s name is derived from the year the very first public hair salon opened in 1864.


Set over two floors and encompassing 2000 sq ft, the design inspires the art of conversation through transformative spaces.

The opulent interior features oversized herringbone floors, a regal blue colour scheme combines with pops of royal raspberry, styled concrete against opulent marble and golden detailing with a modern take on the roman numerals 64. Salon 64 and its theme are reflected throughout the space in tapestry and prints. The space reimagines the century-old hair salon experience as a flexible social space, a third place where clients can relax, work and meet friends, enjoying premium hair and beauty services.