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Sydney, Australia

Visionary Investment Group's flagship luxury hospitality brand


Brash created a smaller number of brands, with the ability to stretch over different developments for different purposes, reaching the target audiences.

From hotels to resorts to residences, Silkari envelopes an experience and renders it extraordinary – through exquisite design, excellent service, and a richness of cultural diversity.


By weaving two worlds together, an icon was created. Silkari will foster connections across cultures – just as the ancient Silk Road did millennia ago. An atmosphere undeniably Australian, influences unmistakably Asian… the Silkari promises an exquisite blend of cultures and a remarkable fusion of feelings that exist nowhere else.


Silk takes on the shape of whatever it covers, it elevates and adds luxury to everything.

Brash created a world-class brand that weaves together different cultures, and blends different elements to create experiences that are truly extraordinary. Inspired by the exceptional properties of silk – its beauty, its strength, its versatility – Silkari is VIG’s flagship luxury hospitality brand