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Sydney, Australia

Freehold Prime Lifestyle Residences based on authenticity and heritage


Taking this rich authenticity and heritage, Brash positioned the brand very differently to anything else in the ever overpopulated ‘lifestyle’ focused Australian real estate market.

As The Revy is offering a low number of apartments with a high price point, it attracts both the highly successful domestic buyer and the international ultra-rich. Buyers at this level are looking to be inspired. The water, the views, the tranquility - and something tangibly special. Owning here represents both an achievement today and a safe harbour for the future.


Brash created a masterfully crafted brand that reflected the unique development’s rich heritage and authenticity, offering buyers a truly memorable sales experience.

From a fully crafted Revy naval map used to bring floor plans to life, to a sales centre experience that takes buyers into a vintage world of scrolls, golden keys and wall mounted pieces of art, buyers are totally engulfed in The Revy’s centuries of history.


While bringing Darling Island to life, The Revy inspires new stories that will be passed down to future generations. It charms with a dash of lightness and romance, transforming ‘properties’ into ‘homes’ containing warmth and unparalleled character.