Brash is a Global Real Estate & Destination
Branding Agency delivering innovative content and innovation technology.

What We Offer

We create vivid ideas, and bring them to life in integrated and innovative ways.

Innovative Content

Brand strategy | Brand Identity & expression |Brand Positioning |Brand Tone of voice | Visual language

Interactive Technology

Mobile apps | Bespoke app software | Live action films | CG & VFX | Motion graphics


Also known as our Creative Technology team, Hooper helps our clients turn their vision and extraordinary ideas into powerful expressions and experiences. Interactive technologies allow us to create immersive experiences that people intuitively engage with. Paired with cutting-edge CGI content, Hooper is able to bring to life products not yet realized in production, connect with events happening on the other side of the world and engage with the messages behind a brand.

Our Partners

Remarkable work takes a team with expertise. We work with partners to ensure that we can consider every point of view, miss no opportunity,
and always have the best ideas.


A creative technology, design and engineering consultancy. Partnering with Brash to deliver fully integrated brand experiences and global reach through its billion dollar parent company.


Offering research-led market intelligence in over 30 countries, Brash’s partnership with OBG allows us to always know the market, and channel this into tangible value for our clients brands.