With a deep knowledge of masterplanning and expertise in crafting impactful placemaking and destination brands, we are a unique and valuable asset to any big-vision project.

Qiddiya is, by any definition, world’s most iconic project. By putting Play at the centre of our lives, Qiddiya will enable the world to better connect, create, learn, perform, escape and thrive - leading to more fulfilling lives.

With the first touch-down on 21. September 2023, KSA has delivered another proof-point for its vision 2030 - The Red Sea International Airport. Part of the Red Sea Global Masterplan, it will act as the new gateway to the wonders of Saudi Arabia, forging new connections to the richness of Saudi’s culture, hospitality and nature.

Following our work with the Marina Development Corporation, bringing to life ‘the Art of Mediterranean Living’ through their first regeneration project and destination; ‘Marina di Ventimiglia’, Brash was asked to extend its approach and brand development work to include a new seaside destination located at the Marina di Pisa.

London’s most premium and unique residences. A one-of-a-kind residential landmark rich in craft and provenance, 1 Mayfair brings together the grandest styles and the greatest visionaries to deliver a legacy project for a world-class developer.

One of the most prestigious icons the world will ever see. Penetrating the sky at a mighty 830m high, the Burj Khalifa is currently the world’s tallest building. Built by Emaar to transform global perceptions of Dubai, this ambitious project established the building as a luxury brand and the region as a world-class destination.

Transforming London’s most historic addresses into a modern hospitality icon. Nestled in the heart of Westminster with an illustrious past, this exclusive building holds more stories than could ever be told. So when it came to transforming one of the world’s most historic addresses into a boutique five-star destination, we knew the rebirth had to be extraordinary.

New Murabba, the world’s largest modern downtown project will be built around the concept of sustainability, with green areas and walking and cycling paths that will promote healthy, active lifestyles and community activities.

From real estate asset to one of the most iconic super prime residences in the Southern Hemisphere, No. 1 Sydney was the start of an eight-year creative partnership with a global investor, a visionary architect and an ambitious developer.

London’s most luxurious residential quarters. Although Chelsea Barracks had aroused controversy with an earlier masterplan, a new architectural scheme designed by British firm Squire & Partners gave us the opportunity to create a destination brand that would capture the site’s illustrious past and future legacy.

The Red Sea retreat awakening the world’s imagination. Inspired by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, AMAALA is an ultra-luxury tourism destination in health and wellness on the Red Sea Riviera. From breathtaking blue depths to halcyon golden heights, the natural beauty of AMAALA will unveil a new dawn for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Focused on regenerating areas along the most beautiful waterfronts in the Mediterranean, Marina Development Corporation (MDC) is committed to creating world-class residential and wellness destinations for tourists.

Bringing the partnerships behind Dubai’s most luxurious branded residences to life. As leaders of luxury living in Dubai, our ongoing relationship with Omniyat has helped guide the successful partnership with hospitality operator Dorchester Collection on a series of iconic branded residences.