Working with multiple stakeholders, we connect the dots between partners and disciplines to solve complex business and brand challenges with the ambition to create destinations that are remarkable in every way.

Destination, Placemaking

Placemaking and destination brands help colour cities, elevate regions and create a sense of place. But to craft benchmark brands that become iconic destinations, creative partners need to understand how destinations are developed and how different components – like districts, infrastructure, and destination anchors – interconnect to feed into a master-planned vision.

At Brash, we work on new, developing and regenerating cities and regions from the early ideation stage. Our experience in placemaking and destination branding means we understand how each piece makes up the whole; and how the order in which things are implemented has a knock-on effect to a project’s success. A big part of our difference is knowing how to articulate the overall vision of a city or region masterplan into the individual placemaking and destination brands.

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to solve complex branding challenges, making us a unique and valuable asset to any team and big-vision project. 

Experienced with working with everyone – from governments, financiers and masterplanners to developers, architects and project managers – we’re expert at connecting multiple stakeholders, partners and disciplines.

Amaala, PIF, Saudi Arabia
Downtown Dubai, Emaar, Dubai
Wadi Abha, PIF, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Hub, PIF, Saudi Arabia
Lusail, Qatari Diar, Doha
Yiti, Omran, Muscat
Greater Muscat Structural Plan, Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Muscat
Msherib, Qatar Investment Authority, Doha
Brand Dubai, Dubai Culture, Dubai
Deira Enrichment Project, ICD, Dubai
Belgrade Waterfront, Eagle Hills, Serbia
Tulah, KEF Holding, Kerela

Residential Property

Real estate is a crucial component to placemaking and destination branding. We create ambitious brands for luxury residential offerings that help put a city or region on the map, supporting developers on residential property projects. Collaborating with wider stakeholders we also work with architects, construction teams and interior designers from ideation and pre-planning phases right through to on-site implementation. 

Working with clients who push the boundaries we work on projects at the cutting edge of emerging trends such as branded residences. First developed with the Armani Residences at the Burj Khalifa, the idea was simple – partner with an established brand to deliver the experience of a hotel with the comforts of home,  increasing the desirability and salability of residences while creating an already recognised sense of place within a destination. Now a global trend, we continue to work on branded residences with Omniyat and The Dorchester Collection.

Experienced with working with everyone – from master planners to developers, architects, interior designers  and project managers – we’re expert at connecting multiple stakeholders, partners and disciplines creating ambitious brands for luxury residential offerings that help put a city or region on the map. 

Chelsea Barracks, Qatari Diar, London
1 Mayfair, Caudwell, London
Aranya, Pirimal, Mumbai
Embassy One, Embassy, Bangalore
The Revy, Aqualand, Sydney
Jewel, Yuhu Group Gold Coast
Spirit, Forise Investments, Gold Coast
One Circular Quay, AW Holding, Sydney
Ava at Palm Jumeirah, Omniyat, Dubai
The Residences, Omniyat, Dubai
One at Palm Jumeirah, Omniyat, Dubai
19 Bolsover St, Sato Investments, London
Ritz Carlton Residences, Al Eqbal, Amman

No. 1 Sydney

No. 1 Sydney


From real estate asset to one of the most iconic super prime residences in the Southern Hemisphere, No. 1 Sydney was the start of an eight-year creative partnership with a global investor, a visionary architect and an ambitious developer.

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Hospitality, Mixed Use

As crucial destination anchors in a city or region, hospitality and mixed-use establishments help drive economies and create a sense of place where people want to be. From hotels, retailers and entertainment to leisure, and food and beverage offerings, each component attracts investment and creates employment whilst elevating people’s experience of a place. 

At Brash, we’ve worked with stakeholders at every level on projects of all shapes and sizes. We’ve created brands for luxury hotels and resorts, retail destinations in the UAE and India, envisioned large-scale regional developments – Marina Di Ventimiglia on the Italian Riviera and Amaala, the first of Saudi’s 2030 Giga projects and helped transform new cities into world-class destinations.

Experienced in working with multiple components in the cases of Downtown Dubai and Downtown Lusail in Qatar we’ve brought together individual residential, retail and mixed use components within the wider context of infrastructure branding.

Burj Khalifa, Emaar, Dubai
Great Scotland Yard, LuLu Group, London
Marina Di Ventimiglia, MDC, Italy
Marina Di Pisa, MDC, Italy
Spirit of Saigon, Bitexco Group, Vietnam
One Zabeel, ICD, Dubai
Downtown Lusail, Qatari Diar, Doha
Katara Towers, Katara Hospitality, Doha
Silkari, Visionary, Sydney
Gate Avenue, DIFC, Dubai
St James Court, TAJ, London
The Galleria, Gulf Related, Abu Dhabi
MAIA, MAIA, Seychelles

Business and Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a city or region creates the framework for destination and placemaking brands to sit within. This encompasses projects that span everything from government and municipalities to businesses, banks, airports, utilities and transport.

A key component to a city’s infrastructure is the districts where these components sit. Each one contributes to the overall masterplan of a place. For example, downtown areas are the financial components within a city whose role is to create a 24-hour living space, while central business districts are only used on weekdays during office hours, making them quiet in the evenings and at weekends and why retail spines often connect residential and financial districts, and hotels are located at the intersections to attract audiences to each area.

With a thorough understanding of the role of infrastructure within masterplanning, placemaking and destination branding, we partner with governments and municipalities on civic, public and private projects.

Dnata, emirates group, global
Govt of Dubai, Dubai
Al Maryah Island, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi
Enoc, Dubai
Dubai Police, Dubai
Absher, Saudi Arabia
Averda, Dubai
Minesa, Columbia
Kotchi Metro, Kotchi
ADA (Abu Dubai Airports), Abu Dhabi
Gama Aviation, London
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), London
SSCL, Jeddah
University Of Sharjah, Sharjah

Marina Development Corporation

Marina Development Corporation

Focused on regenerating areas along the most beautiful waterfronts in the Mediterranean, Marina Development Corporation (MDC) is committed to creating world-class residential and wellness destinations for tourists.

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