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‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ (B.Franklin)

If you can get a business off the ground in tough times, you are set for success.

Two brave, bright and entrepreneurial women are doing just that – and in the lion’s den of deeply affected industries: Air Travel & Hospitality – a Covid 19 potent mixture one would like to avoid.

It just goes to show that where there is vision, drive and conviction – anything is possible! In just a month, a new business, brand and experience has been created, which already is picking up some positive momentum.

We are immensely proud to be working (pro bono of course!) with Stephanie Josephs and Latifa KHAIRI-BIRI, helping them realise their ambition to create one of the worlds most admired home stay brands in language immersion: Influent . It’s exciting to be part of a new initiative to ignite an industry eagerly to ‘come out and play’ with the ambition to unite and feed the post Covid world with knowledge and culture.

Check out their story: