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Brash Asks #1: Michèle Dabaghian

We are delighted to be kicking off a new series called “Brash Asks”, where each month we sit down with a different expert within our network to discuss emerging trends, share insights and deliver interesting content.

As #InternationalWomensDay was yesterday, John Brash, our Founder and CEO had a chat with , a sought after marketing professional in the sector we operate in. Michele is an advocate for women in Saudi Arabia, so what better way to start the series than a Q&A about her career journey and  her top tips to young women.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your career history to date / current role

A: Born multicultural (Lebanese/German/French) and innately adventurous, (I lived and worked in multiple continents), I am a storyteller at heart and a Marketing & Experience professional, specialized in creating “Liveable & Lovable” Destinations around the world. I aspire to build Placemaking through deep investigation of cultures and people beyond best practice and collective biases.

Q: Who or what inspires you most?

A: I am passionate about the correlation between cultures, societies, and places. I believe in the power of words and find my inspiration in people’s stories. Change agent at heart, and a fervent feminist, I thrive in diverse cultural environments and consider myself as an optimistic inclusion activist. Beyond all borders.

I discovered my calling a few years ago and wrote a thesis around Saudi women identity and leadership, with Oxford University and HEC business school Paris. This was the beginning of my personal journey as an action researcher and an active supporter of women empowerment. Consequently, I decided to engage in a PhD around the same topic, with the aim to put my work at the service of the development of women empowerment in Saudi Arabia, and around the world.

Q: What advice would you give young women?

A: My advice to the younger generations of women and future female leaders is to invest in themselves and education, hold on fiercely to their dreams, be fearless and bold and yet remain kind and compassionate, and finally, never doubt their capacities to become whatever they decide to be.