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Dubai Police: honouring a vision, even in a crisis

For many brands, Covid-19 has meant fundamentally changing who they are.

For some, however, these challenging times are actually demonstrating the long-term robustness of their brand vision. That it’s fit for purpose, even now.

In 2017, we developed a brand strategy for Dubai Police focused around three pillars: innovation, connection and security. The aim was to shift perceptions, so that people appreciated the police aren’t about rules and punishment; they’re here to help citizens and communities lead happy, safe lives.

As nations around the world have grappled with this ‘new normal’, Dubai Police have been visibly at the forefront – and visibly living up to that vision.

Smart helmets that automatically enable thermal scanning. An online smart permit system up and running within hours. An SMS alert system that integrates with the driving systems of popular car brands like BMW and Mercedes.

Almost every day has seen another proactive, positive step from an organisation that is truly driven by its desire to ensure happy, safe lives, whatever the challenge.

While we’re proud to have been part of this story, we’re even prouder to witness our national police force now leading the way like this.