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At its 14th annual event in June 2018, Superbrands recognised Dubai Police for exceeding the standards set in it’s brand mission. Major General Mohammad Saeed Al Marri, assistant commander for Society Happiness & Equipments, received the special recognition.

“Over the years, Dubai Police has succeeded in establishing good relations in a community with many races, nationalities and social backgrounds, while providing security and safety across the city and protecting the rights of individuals and organisations. Dubai Police has become synonymous with being trustworthy, approachable, innovative and proactive and it is with great honour that we bestow upon the Dubai Police the special recognition for its success in protecting the community while maintaining a very human touch.”

With the help of Brash Brands, Dubai Police defined Innovation, Protection and Connection as the driving values for the brand to enable Dubai’s development of a happy, tolerant and safe society – recognising that it’s not technology but the human interaction that defines Dubai Police’s contribution to Dubai’s vision.

Along with the confirmation of its brand values came an evolution in the Police Department’s visual identity, changing colour from red to green, which signalled a deliberate shift from being seen as a punisher of transgressions to a pro-active enabler of a safe and respectful society.

Around the world, police forces are the forward-facing vision of their government. Their reputations and actions affect how people feel about their government and what they feel their government is trying to achieve. Dubai is focused on growth through happiness as HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum believes that happy people contribute more to the economy and to the cultural growth of the nation.

Over the past decade, Dubai has innovated, thought big, stayed ahead – and is now looking to build the happiest place on earth. Inevitably, the wider role of Dubai Police has shifted to keep up with the global changes in law enforcement and the ever-evolving nature of Dubai.