MIPIM 2022

This year’s MIPIM event highlighted emerging trends in real estate over the next year, ESG principles regarding investments and all things metaverse. There is no doubt that following the pandemic, we have all had to rethink the way we live, so it was great to see the real estate industry come together to drive change on their core values. Looking at livability, sustainability, resilience and affordability as well as discussing new trends such as the metaverse and how real estate could fit into this world, was really enlightening.

Insightful talks took place in Cannes last week from City Council speakers to government representatives, with a key focus on emerging trends over the next year. It is evident that the value of wellness amenities is essential in elevating the appeal of a development, as they increasingly dominate the wishlist of super-prime buyers. Branding such developments means much more than just these amenities, it is about articulating the emotional value they bring and connecting them to today’s key lifestyle themes such as; well-being, health, happiness, to create credible, creative and compelling places to live.

Another key trend that was discussed during the event was sustainability. To many developers, it has become just a checklist and something to mention in a brand. It is vital that clients look at features to conserve energy and cut carbon emissions, something that we are pushing our clients to go beyond this in order to really grasp the full context of a sustainable world. We are helping developers become part of this conversation to truly leverage sustainability, and speak to people’s needs, desires and dreams. A lot of valuable insights came out of the MIPIM conference, allowing us to further understand how to push the boundaries of sustainability branding in the real estate market.
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