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Museum of the Future

One month ago, the innovative and futuristic Museum Of The Future opened its doors in Dubai. The expansive exhibition reimagines the future and asks us to open up to new possibilities.

Nick Bateman, part of our Creative Technology Team, flew from London to Dubai this week to experience the museum. Journeying to 2071, the exhibition allows you to pioneer new worlds and ways of living, bringing hope and knowledge back to the present.

Exhibits include ‘A new moon’, allowing you to voyage to a space station 600km above the Earth and witness how the moon could be transformed into a source of renewable energy for the entire planet, or visit ‘The Vault of Life’, a DNA library of thousands of species, where you can explore, collect and contribute to the wonders of nature, discovering new species and participate in a global effort to repair the damages of climate change.

An inspiring and eye-opening experience, this and so much more are some of the many reasons to visit what has been called the ‘most beautiful building on Earth!’

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