Kerala Blasters

An iconic football brand instilling honour and pride


Brash conducted forensic research into the brand DNA of some of the world’s best football clubs, including leading European teams, to map out the key ingredients of what makes a truly iconic football brand.

These insights enabled us to align these elements with Kerala’s own unique story – capturing a narrative that celebrated the region’s people and rich heritage, based on incorporating the state animal, the elephant. The outcome would see a united front, bound by strength, unity and football.


Kerala Blasters FC


Kerala, India


Taking the state animal, the elephant, which features as an emblem for the state Government of Kerala as a starting point, Brash built an identity around this, reflecting on the animal’s prominence in Keralite culture, which is a region that has one of the highest population density of elephants across India.

While integrating the elephant into the team’s branding pays homage and respect to its indigenous roots, the elephant is also symbolic of community, power and pride – elements that are perfect for a professional football team.

Kerala Blasters
Kerala Blasters
Kerala Blasters
Kerala Blasters

The final brandmark design depicts the elephant cradling a traditional football within its trunk. This is a sign that acknowledges the origins and heritage of the beautiful game itself.

The brand mark signifies Kerala as a strong and impactful force – a united family that is resolutely bound by strength, honour and football. The ISL has been an immediate hit, attracting more than 100 million TV viewers in its first week alone. Kerala Blasters have lead the league in attendance every season, regularly averaging over 55,000 fans a game – and also finished runners up in the inaugural season of the ISL.