One Za’abeel

Defining the positioning of Dubai’s Newest and iconic landmark destination.

Insight - Transforming components into cohesion

With One Za’abeel made up of multiple components, Brash were commissioned to determine how these core lifestyle elements create a cohesive brand experience, however at the same time all inhibit their own individually for each audience.

As well as the stunning architecture and position at the heart of Dubai, the standout elements are the brands retail and F&B offerings within the base and the cantilever within the icon structure. And to complement One Za’abeel elegance, The One & Only hospitality component.


Investment Corporation of Dubai


Dubai, UAE

Idea - Outwardly Inspiring, Inwardly Alluring

The idea was to represent the confidence that Dubai now offers the world. One Za’abeel is a higher order project, it’s for the city and the people to project an icon to the world stage. This idea of being outwardly inspiring gives that sense of reach internationally. In the same vein the destination draws people in and creates a magnetic pull which is ‘Inwardly Alluring’.

Created with impeccable purpose, inherently global and distinctive. The idea captures the vibrancy and delight of the varied offerings which are always remarkably eclectic.

One Za’abeel
One Za’abeel
One Za’abeel
One Za’abeel
Impact - Building Momentum

Brash has created a brand identity that mimics the cantilever between the two buildings within an elegant wordmark–subtle and sophisticated. The design system through its graphic design, highlights the allure through a series of fragmented lines that symbolize the pull and attraction towards One Zaa’beel. It’s this detailed and delicate linearity that creates a special feeling, true to itself and its core idea.