Piramal Group

Helping a large group move its brand presence from good to great

Insight - Solving the challenge

While Piramal is one of India’s largest and most successful groups, it had somewhat ‘flown under the radar’. Its full range of activities weren’t always known, nor were top talent and graduates necessarily aware of the potential.

The leadership engaged Brash to help address this because we had a clear view on what to do: create a stronger articulation of the values that uniquely inspire the company.




Mumbai, India

Idea - Back to the source

To us, the Piramal icon – the Gyan Mudra, symbolising knowledge, action and care – had the power to be more than just a logo. We decided to go back to this root, extracting a company purpose from its values and heritage. They were deeply present in India’s history and culture, and could be a source of pride and driving force for the Group.

Piramal Group
Piramal Group
Piramal Group
Piramal Group
Impact - Refreshed for progress

We subtly redrew the icon to reflect this revised purpose and personality, and to signal change. We also built a more confident tone, through a prominent and contemporary typeface and refined visual expression.

We also mapped the portfolio, defining the optimal brand architecture for future growth. A predominantly monolithic structure leverages equity across the Group, while an element of endorsement gives the ability to build consumer-orientated personalities on a bedrock of credibility.