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Hong Kong, China

A pioneering on- and off line user experience in banking


Hong Kong’s third largest bank was ready to break away and redefine retail banking to respond to the changing needs of today’s digital consumers.

At Brash, we understood that this meant significant change in product, service and environment - using multiple channels to seamlessly integrate services into customers’ everyday lives.


To give shape to BEA’s vision of the future, Brash created the Innovation Centre. This unique and inspirational brand experience enables customers, as well as staff and society – to shape and share experiences digitally.


Each element of the new BEA innovation centre has been carefully considered by Brash. Brash’s strategy has informed all aspects of the space with a clear division of zones by function.

The iCentre is a space for customers to interact with BEA’s latest digital innovations and services. The iHub is a new environment specially designed to facilitate deeper communication and ideation, while the new iLab is a new home for the bank’s R&D team. With its open-plan layout and communal style seating, the new space allows BEA’s digital specialists to interact and share big data quickly, facilitating insights that will benefit customers at every level.