Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity

Moscow, Russia

Using high-quality branding to reset perceptions in Moscow’s super-prime sector. 


The power of difference

When Barkli Corporation partnered with American architect Robert Stern on a pair of residential towers in the heart of Moscow, we knew the project would be something special.
Featuring 154 apartments, a sports complex, shopping area and children’s centre, the 17- and 18-storey towers marked 
a distinct departure from other luxury developments on Moscow’s Golden Mile.
The key to branding it lay in celebrating this uniqueness, 
by accentuating two aspects: authenticity and prestige. Doing so would bring something fresh to the city’s super-prime market, and – crucially – spark interest among 
Barkli’s internationally-savvy HNW client base.


Echoing the jazz age

Stern’s design was for a retro-chic façade, inspired by jazz-age Manhattan. We decided to reflect this in the brand positioning, customer experience and creative expression. Our identity and accompanying look & feel echoes the best in mid-century American architecture through a stunning monogram, and the subtle use of materials and colours.


Award-winning project

Our high-end solution not only enhanced the value of the development (which has since won several International Property Awards), it has also acted as a flagship for the developer, boosting its assets and reputation as a whole.