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Belgrade, Serbia

A monumental master-planned district set to restore the city to greatness


Belgrade, once southern Europe’s strategic jewel, arose where two great rivers converge. For this reason, it has been razed and occupied many times.

We believed that the project that promises office and luxury apartment blocks, eight hotels, a shopping mall and a tower, would revitalize the city’s perception in the eyes of the world - a monumental master-planned district set to restore the city to greatness.


We positioned Belgrade Waterfront as the smart city for the future, taking urban renewal to new heights. A lively mixed-use quarter, right on the water, that will bring pride and passion to the city’s new heart.

Our brand idea, ‘Where prosperity flows’, captures its aspirations as a tourist attraction, commercial hub and lifestyle destination. The creative expression, ‘Uniquely Belgrade’, plays on the city’s special history, art, culture, food, and attitudes to fashion and fun of those who live in this vibrant city. The name of the destination had to be memorable and inspirational for the long term, but sensitive to local culture and existing naming conventions, as well as be easily translatable to Serbian. We suggested a descriptive, place-specific name with its association with water—so important to today’s destination cities.


We carefully considered the district products to understand their individual role & place and ensure the right balance.

From the iconic Kula Tower and the Sava Promenade, to the Belgrade Boulevard (the backbone of the district), Belgrade Park and the Mall, the Historic Waterfront Plaza, Round- house Arts Venue and Commercial Districts - all these places work seamlessly together to add up to the brand promise and deliver an experience that celebrates history, tradition and pride. President Aleksandar Vucic has pledged to create jobs & growth and turn Belgrade into a business hub for the Western Balkans. Our work is helping this signature project achieve his goal, repositioning Serbia’s standing on an international stage.