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Riviera Renaissance

When a successful entrepreneur from one of the world’s best-performing private equity groups came to Brash with a vision for a world-class integrated residential and wellness destination in Italy, we felt both honoured and excited to help him get the destination on the map.

Following a careful assessment phase, we have been able to create and help deliver at two fronts:

First, we developed the name, positioning and identity for their first project, Borgo del Forte, Marina San Giuseppe; a brand for a destination set to both transform and restore the reputation of the Italian Riviera.

Second, we helped sourcing and evaluating a dedicated development company and crafted the positioning and identity for Marina Development Corporation (MDC), an enterprise focusing on developing and re-developing marinas. Orchestrated by a global team, MDC will enhance local communities and create legacies for future generations by uniquely combining prime real estate, wellness and lifestyle offerings.



Unique Potential

A rare opportunity to regenerate and create a unique mixed use wellness destination and experience in a crowded, yet rather bland market. Whilst all other Riviera ports have an established appeal, developed organically over time - Borgo del Forte offers a unique chance to redefine a new ‘Riviera Living’ and provide what UHNWI’s seek, today and in the future. A ‘master-planned’ and ‘curated’ combination of multiple experiences with strong and relevant pillars (wellness, culture, leisure, arts & philanthropy), seamlessly unified into one journey and experience. New Super-prime ‘second home’ residential property, of a style & standard (sustainability) not found elsewhere in the region and located in close proximity to the reputed secure and well- equipped marina of Monaco.


A fresh chapter

Borgo Del Forte is set to become the jewel of Italian Riviera’s coastline. While other ports and resorts display a scattering of offers, Borgo del Forte alone provides the perfect combination; more elegant and innovative than other coastline destination whilst being truly authentic; fuelled with provenance and heritage. Curated, considered and complete, Borgo del Forte enables you to explore and discover new ‘truths’ about life, every day. This is Italian Riviera Living with both class and soul; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of a destination that brings the ‘best of both worlds’: From Monaco, the spirit of the new and innovative, and the reassurance of security and stability. From Italy, the qualities of refined elegance and craftsmanship, fuelled with provenance and heritage.


Long-term benefit

Shining a new light on the renaissance of the Italian Riviera, Borgo del Forte will reinvigorate the coastline and create a new centre of excellence for Italian Riviera Living. It will seek to leverage authentic Italian lifestyle and produce, passion and style – all in a rich setting of culture and history – anchored by a magnetic and leading wellness experience right at the centre of the historic old town of Ventimiglia. The destination will unveil and create new stories enabling the brand to become a symbol of heritage, elegance and timelessness. Strategically positioned 20 min from Monaco, 40 mins from Nice, 2 hours from Genova and 75 mins to the ski slopes, Borgo del Forte will offer an unbeatable 2nd home experience.