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Dubai, UAE

One of the most iconic and prestigious developments to date



A key realisation was that this wasn’t a piece of real estate. To succeed, we had to create a luxury brand in which every detail was perfect.

We also knew this tower had the potential to inspire the region as a whole and make Dubai a truly global city. These two insights would drive all our thinking.


The brand idea, ‘History rising’, captured how this tower was a symbol for the millennial shift, as the UAE matured into a global player, increasing its reach in the world.

Like New York City’s Empire State Building 80 years earlier, this tower would change both the skyline and the way the Emirate was perceived around the world, showing the region's growth and ability.


A powerful visual identity was created through a simple wordmark and was accompanied by a campaign which marketed the luxury serviced apartments within the tower.

No touchpoint was ignored in designing this 360-degree experience that took in everything - from the sales centre ‘discovery tour’ to the uniforms of its staff and even their scripts.

We also took the brand on a global road show, inviting select groups into the experience. These events not only put the tower on the map—they placed our client in front of a truly global and influential audience for the first time.

The tower has become an icon like the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House—an attraction that has transformed the perception of the city it bestrides. The Burj Khalifa brand’s halo effect significantly raised the price per square foot of the 30,000 units within Downtown Dubai—a place that now legitimately lays claim to the title ‘most prestigious square kilometre of real estate on earth’.