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London, UK

The most desirable London Address


A crucial first step for the brand was establishing the name. Although Chelsea Barracks had aroused controversy with an earlier masterplan, Brash’s ‘insights’ phase showed that the positive heritage associations would far outweigh the negative in the long term.

Brash therefore recommended building a luxury brand around the ‘Chelsea Barracks’ name, which could capture the essence of the site’s illustrious past and future legacy. Due to all the bad press about foreign buyers of UK sites, the insights highlighted that the brand needed to be about ‘LONDON REBORN’, so every supplier and partner was sourced from London.


As part of developing the new brand, Brash mapped out every detail of the customer journey to flesh out a concept that would celebrate history, culture and world-class craftsmanship, ultimately translating this into an immersive branding experience that can be seen, heard, touched and smelt.

Brash developed a concept that strikes a delicate balance between the traditional and the contemporary. In order to do this, we really needed to get right under the skin of the customer journey, align this with the client’s aspirations, and then devise a concept and brand experience that lives and breathes through each and every touch point.


Brash was also tasked with developing the look and feel of the brand including three stunning coffee table books that reflect the lifestyle and individual property specifications, and—in partnership with London architecture firm JaK Studio—the creation of a marketing suite that will enable prospective buyers to experience a taste of life in one of its most luxurious residential quarters.