Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Basing a brand positioning on the role that a development plays within a city


Enriching an existing area

The scope of this project was exciting: a major regeneration 
in one of Dubai’s oldest districts. The client was keen to position it as a totally new and standalone development, focused entirely on the details of what was being built.
However, as we started to engage with stakeholders and local communities, it became clear the true value of the project lay in the way it was enriching an existing area, restoring its importance and centrality to Dubai.


A project brand

Our strategy was to make this a project brand, not a development brand. This approach initially surprised the client, but they were rapidly convinced. The story therefore focused on how these new elements evolve and celebrate Deira’s place in the past, present and future of the city. Then, once the project finishes, the brand will ‘disappear’, and what will be left is a better part of Dubai; not a new, standalone development.

Visually, we created a brand full of passion and energy: 
a showcase of Deira’s next phase. Our communications focused on engagement and awareness, rather than ‘selling’, in order to create enthusiasm in the community.


Embodying Dubai’s vision

The project has been eagerly welcomed, and progress significant: five of phase one’s 20 districts opened in 2020.