Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Expression


Modernising a brand to align it with technology-inspired changes in lifestyles


The benefits of sleep

In recent years, sleep tracking apps and smart watches have encouraged people to look afresh at the benefits and patterns of their resting hours. In China, there’s been particular interest in the link between sleep quality and productivity, especially among affluent consumers.

These trends inspired leading bedding manufacturer 
DeRucci to ask us to modernise and streamline its brand.


A system for sleep

We recommended repositioning DeRucci’s bedding products as a ‘sleep system’, emphasising their technological innovation, and elevating the company 
from a product brand to a lifestyle one.
As well as creating an appropriately sophisticated visual style for this, we also developed a family of different brands for different value demand markets, rather than different price markets.


Global growth

Following our repositioning, DeRucci’s domestic sales saw annual growth of 24 percent.
Moreover, with this confident brand strategy and coherent brand architecture in place, the company was then able to also put its plans for international expansion into action, with the ultimate goal of becoming a $10bn global player.