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London, UK

A boutique hotel telling a thousand stories



Targeting the 'wanderlust' consumer category, we explored the rich history of the property to identify reasons to visit, rather than banking on accidental discovery.

Brash's insights and concept of 'unlocking London's secret' convinced Lulu Developments International of our ability to drive the brand and guest experience for this iconic hotel in a prime location of London. Travelers are becoming less loyal and more promiscuous, searching for the unknown to power the customer experience. It's no longer about the provider's terms, it's about seeking stories that reward the guests' choice. A combination of smart use of social media along with rich and relevant content was therefore identified as the key driver for success.


We deliberately chose a strategy of 'disruption' to leverage the unique history, define the Whitehall blank canvas whilst making room for a flagship offering. In a digital age, nobody wants all of the story all of the time. We needed to create 'earned' experiences, defining social capital in a new way - something special for the distinctive few that truly understand the site's un-gilded uniqueness.

Brash underpinned the narrative of the brand by the notion of 'individualism' as a gate to 'life without limits'. It's about celebrating exploration, creativity and originality. In the heart of Westminster lies a building with more stories than could ever be told. When Great Scotland Yard was built, hotels were an aristocratic destination; a meeting point for the great, gifted and glamourous. We are reviving that spirit with the opportunities of today's digital age. The Great Scotland Yard Hotel isn't going to be everything for everyone, it's a site which has a history of polarising perception and will continue to do the same in the future. With the role of the brand as the 'informant', all messages would have to be earned through individual exploration of the hotel -with each guest defining its own bespoke journey and thus keeping the legend alive, sharing with people who will spread the stories across the world.


Through thoughtful profiling, various customer journeys have been designed to test and validate the brand and guest experience.

The identity work includes a distinctive and ownable illustrative language that celebrates the rich canvas of stories. Each illustration represents a historical attribute, integral to the destination - yet reinterpreted to ignite new possibilities and experiences. Today, the Great Scotland Yard destination hotel has become the place where those who wander-will rest, those who seek-will find, and those who truly live- will love to stay.