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Doha, Qatar

The Heart of Doha



Msheireb Properties - part of the Qatar Foundation - was formed through transformational thinking with the purpose to redevelop Doha whilst challenging pre-conceptions of urban living. This destination was set to encourage an improvement of social dynamism, cultural awareness and quality of life, whilst lowering the environmental impact of life in a 21st century world.

To transform the heart of Doha into one of the most distinctive downtowns in the world, Msheireb Properties envisioned a flagship destination; ‘Msheireb Downtown’.

Brash got appointed because of our expertise in flagship development, destination and place-making as well as our appreciation of authentic brown field sites – imperative for this special assignment. Our main task was to strategically position, create and launch both the brand for the holding company as well as the ambitious new flagship downtown project.

On the outset we recognized that this was a clear opportunity to pay tribute to the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, reviving the old commercial district in the heart of Doha. Strategically located at the waterfront, the aim of the project was to revive the rich past that Doha had lost in the globalised world, by rediscovering the traditions, bringing the concept of regeneration back into the community. This fascinating blend of Past and Future would become the blueprint for all projects under the Msheireb portfolio. A mandate for Brash to redefine urban planning through a re-genartion project on a brown field site - rare in the region. To fully respect the parameters, we worked in close partnership with the multiple London based re-genetation architects specialized in brown field.


The brand idea ‘The Heart of Doha’ captured the sentiment this development was designated to bring to the city. The project embraced a totally new architectural style to celebrate the lost compositions of the past whilst deploying new and innovative urban planning principals to accommodate the needs of the future.

It was this fusion of past and present that defined the character of the brand. To ensure the brand would be rich, authentic and born from the wellspring of Msheireb resources, Brash conducted extensive research to study the Qatari culture; its heritage, its people, its architecture and environment.

The brands expression was carefully crafted using all brand elements and assets, united by a singular idea.
The brand mark, the look & feel and tone of voice embrace distinctive local natural forms such as the Sidra tree and natural pearls. The colour palette took its inspiration from the life and culture of Qatar, bringing a sense of the past and the future together. A purposefully designed and curated experience, defined by an extensive customer journey has been developed to capture the authenticity and very spirit of Doha’s new downtown.


Love Doha! Msheireb Downtown Doha, with its eclectic fusion of districts inspires a sense of discovery; something unexpected around each corner but with a distinct sense of place and origin. It has an energy and a charm, making it a natural and intuitive place to live or congregate. Msheireb Downtown has become a true proof-point of the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser; a new heart for Doha.