One Palm at Jumeirah
Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Expression

Dubai, UAE

Crafting ‘the missing ingredient’ to bring a branded residence partnership to life



The missing link

Developer Omniyat commissioned Brash to help market a pair of luxury super prime developments in Dubai. Each was also a partnership with hospitality operator Dorchester Collection, who would provide services and facilities to residents, in its first-ever venture into the MENA region.

Once we began, it was clear to us the two brands were struggling to position and articulate the benefits of the partnership – both internally and to customers. Omniyat knew how to sell property, not lifestyle. And Dorchester Collection knew how to sell to hotel guests, not residents.


Articulating benefits

We identified a set of ‘pillars’ that clearly expressed the value-adds, and supported each with proof points and key messages. Critically, these moved the conversation on from routine practicalities (“there’s a concierge”) to compelling lifestyle benefits, experiences, moments and reasons-to-buy. We then created tools for cascading this solution to sales agents, and a full customer journey for embedding it into the sales experience. This ranged across sales centre design, site activation, launch campaign and collateral.


Repeat business

Sales have since exceeded expectations at both developments, and Omniyat has now returned to us 
to commission a new brand for a third development.