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Dubai, UAE

The world's greatest shopping & entertainment destination


Brash was asked to create a brand that is distinctive, authoritative yet sufficiently flexible, able to stretch across a wide audience group and diversity of the mall.

12.1 million sq ft, comprising 1200+ stores, 160 F&B outlets and some of the finest hotels. At the same time, The Dubai Mall brand had to be created as an integral part of the Downtown Dubai brand, dictating a rather monolithic brand approach.


Brash respected the Downtown Dubai brand guidelines whilst seeking to appeal to an audience expecting an inspirational experience in the most memorable and unique environment, offering world-class possibilities.

The red brandmark pays tribute to the overall Downtown Dubai brandmark, its colour palette carefully selected to convey a sense of optimism, accommodate a more consumer, less corporate approach, and clearly stand out within the market. A look and feel system had been created to support the brandmark but with sufficient flexibility to convey the brand messages across a wide spectrum of service offers.


In a continued push towards a definitive and unique Downtown Dubai destination, we crafted a powerful brand for the world’s greatest shopping, leisure & entertainment destination: The Dubai Mall. In the shadow of the world’s tallest building, we took The Dubai Mall to new heights.