Brand Strategy, Name, Brand Identity, Campaigns…

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A luxury retail destination to support the new city centre's community


As the only mall of its kind in Abu Dhabi, we needed to provide a solution to set The Galleria apart from all the other brands through the mall brand itself and the consequent launch campaign ideas.

Our main challenge was to tap into the local market, people who would spend their weekends travelling to Dubai to visit the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall. With The Galleria now on their doorstep, there would be little need to continue to do so. With over 100 stores representing the finest names in fashion and dining from around the world, our brand needed to reflect this. After reviewing international benchmarks, we studied the competitive landscape and discussed key issues around the development.


Through our initial research, it became apparent that The Galleria could not be looked at in isolation, it had to be viewed as a magnetic part of the island - a living and breathing community and one that hinges on the creation of entertainment, leisure and business.

Alongside the brand identity for the mall itself, we created the big idea for the launch campaign; the allure of The Galleria exerts a fascination that manifests as a physical force. The approach builds on individuals being stopped in their tracks, through to the idea of relationships (two people) and ultimately groups, as the destination is discovered and becomes the place to see and be seen.


From this came an ambitious photo-shoot in partnership with Magnet Photo Production that created the illusion of people being pulled by the physical force of The Galleria.

The mall itself opened its doors on 27th August 2013 with the launch campaign idea going live from 1st September across print, digital, OOH and radio.