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We are delighted to reveal our recent partnership with Yiti, one of the largest urban developments in the Oman Sultanate. Brash was selected as the global branding partner to provide cultural insights and deliver on Oman’s Vision 2040 programme.

Yiti is the embodiment of the Sultan’s vision for the country that not only celebrates the local landscape and culture, but it elevates the lifestyle, residential and tourism offering. It is the first International Trade Commision development of the new Sultan, so through dynamic harmony, we positioned the project as a community that enriches all aspects of people’s lives.

Sustainability is at the heart of Yiti! There are premium hillside and marina dwellings alongside housing for middle-class residents offering them a space to work. All the residential buildings encompass lifestyle activities allowing a truly livable extension of the city: from running and cycling tracks to water sports and ziplines.

With ESG driving the global agenda, we are pleased to have been a part of this monumental project in the Middle East. The region is only going to become stronger and more popular, so we are looking forward to a more sustainable and communal future that really highlights the country’s true potential.

Yiti Destination Omran Group OM

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