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It’s not often one gets a chance to meet a truly remarkable person in life. Brash is fortunate to be working directly with John Caudwell – an extraordinary businessman and admired philanthropist. Charismatic, with great vision and ambition, he has invested in multiple industries – more recently in his property portfolio. With his superb eye for quality, he has quickly become a true connoisseur in super prime properties, working exclusively with best of class architects and designers.

Brash was selected to help bring founder John Caudwell’s vision of the business to life. Caudwell  is a luxury property development company with some of the most desirable locations in the world.

We’ve worked on the overarching brand to ensure it accurately reflects the unique characteristics of the brand owner; John Caudwell’s vision, attention to detail and exceptional high quality standards. Developments are currently under construction in France, at the Cote d’Azur – and in Mayfair, London. At Brash we truly enjoy partnering with like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs – something that not only brings about great results, but also ignites an inspiring journey.