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Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

The ultra-luxury retreat awaking the world's imagination


To date, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has largely been isolated and therefore invisible on the global UHNWI tourist map. With established and reputable premium sea side destinations such as St Tropez, Monaco, the Maldives and St Barts, Brash knew that competition was tough with high expectations.

However, with the ambition and commitment of the Public Investment Fund, the distinctive properties of the destination and our insightful research findings, we knew we had a unique opportunity to create a brand that would awake the world’s imagination. Unveiling a new dawn for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this destination promised to well transcend its physical location; a place with a clear purpose that could become the home for an exclusive global community of connoisseurs, pioneers and thought leaders, all connected by a shared commitment to the practice, appreciation and advancement of Arts and Culture, Wellness, and Environmental Preservation. An integrated resort destination that establishes, promotes and preserves the Red Sea Riviera, creating a timeless legacy, nested in Vision 2030.


Our insights brought about the idea of 'Captivating Radiance' to underpin the brand narrative and unite the destination and journey into a magnetic, unforgettable experience - integrated, complete and perfect in all its detail.

Promising radiance and enrichment, the brand has been designed to attract and inspire guests to embark on authentic and truly transformative personal journeys. Brash introduced Amaala as the most viable name for the destination, strengthening its purpose and identity. Derived from the ancient Sanskrit, it communicates 'purity', whilst in Arabic conveys a message of 'new hope'.


Brash created a customer brand manifesto, bringing to life the vison for all VIPs and stakeholders visiting the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. A distinctive stand had been purposefully designed to convey a sense of quality and energy of the new destination, packaged up with its associative giga brands Neom and the Red Sea Project.


In addition, Brash produced a bespoke film in English and Arabic, specially produced for Mohammed Bin Salman to present the brand Amaala to his father King Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz Al Saud. The film inspired multiple use in press and PR, introducing the project, accurately capturing the aspiration and magnitude of the destination.